Draft Test Entry Payment Instructions

We are happy to be able to provide an online payment option via PayPal for your draft test entries!  Online entry fees include a PayPal processing fee.

You must still send completed entry forms by email or mail to the Draft Test Secretary so they are received by the closing date for the entry to be complete.  Please pay for each entry form separately (only one dog & class per form, but each form may cover more than one day).

Entry forms with only a second brace team member do not need to make any payments.

1) CLASS & DAYS PAID FOR MUST MATCH YOUR ENTRY FORM  and MUST BE RECEIVED BY 11:00 pm PDT ON TUESDAY, OCT. 25, 2022 FOR YOUR ENTRY TO BE COMPLETE.  Late payments cannot be accepted even if your forms have already been submitted.  If you are paying last minute and are having problems with PayPal, please call the Draft Test Secretary immediately (contact info is in the Premium List )

2) If entering by email, please email the completed PDF entry form (PDF formats preferred!!) associated with this payment, including any required weight certificates, to the Draft Test Secretary Cindy Beckman so it will also be received no later than 11:00 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2022.

3) Please print out your PayPal payment confirmation for proof of payment before the closing date

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