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BMDCNC 2024 Membership Renewal (not for new members)

BMDCNC New Membership

Dear Prospective Member:

Thank you for your interest in the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northern California. This is an energetic and enthusiastic club with many fun events for dogs and the people owned by them. We have two application options: Full Membership and a Trial Membership. We appreciate your interest in the club, and look forward to having you as a member. 


  • Complete the Club Membership Application; 
  • Pay the Membership Fee by mailed check or PayPal (see below)
  • Obtain two sponsors who are unrelated club members in good standing; 
  • Attend two club functions prior to or within one year of application (if you have already attended club functions, please note them on your application).  

As soon as your application and dues are received you will be considered an "applicant" and will be placed on the mailing list to receive the club news and information regarding upcoming events. Once you have met the club membership requirements, you are eligible to be voted into full membership.


Trial Membership is open to the new owners of any Bernese Mountain Dog puppy obtained from a BMDCNC Breeder Referral List member, or any other new puppy owner who lives within Northern California. Trial members shall enjoy all the privileges of this club without the right to vote or hold office and without yearly dues. A trial member must not be a current or former member of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of California.

 Complete the Trial Membership Form:

As soon as your Trial Application is approved by the BMDCNC Board, you will be placed on the mailing list to receive club news and information regarding upcoming events. Trial membership ends after 12 months, at which time you are encouraged to apply for full membership!


If you have questions about the club or membership prior to completing the application, you may e-mail Lisa Christensen, our membership chairperson.

If you are ready to apply, please download the application form with our Code of Conduct and Bylaws: 

Your Membership Application is not complete until both the form and payment have been received.

PayPay for Regular Membership Application: 

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATON: includes $10 Initiation Fee + PayPal fee
Full Name(s) of applicants
Contact e-mail address:
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