Reputable Breeders

Buy From A Reputable Buyer

1.  They specialize in their chosen breed. They know the breed standard, temperament, and characteristics. They strive to breed only animals that epitomize these qualities. This benefits the buyer by allowing the buyer a type of quality control. You will know better what you are getting - fewer surprises, fewer disappointments. 

2.   They make it a point to be aware of all known inherited defects affecting their breed. Reputable breeders then screen their breeding animals to be sure they are free of such defects. This may not totally eliminate an inherited defect from showing up, but it will greatly decrease the chances of one occurring. 

3.   A breeder is a valuable source of information should any problems arise after your pet is in your home. They can give advice on almost all aspects of caring for and training dogs. In the event that you find it impossible to keep your pet, reputable breeders will help you relocate your pet. 

4.   Most breeders provide you with written instructions on how to feed, care for and train your pet. You also have the comfort of knowing you have a concerned individual who is only a phone call away. 

5.   Breeders take the time to properly socialize their puppies. They give the special handling needed during the critical developmental stages in the puppies' lives. This socialization helps the puppies adapt and adjust to life with humans as well as laying a foundation for learning. A carefully bred, well-socialized puppy makes a happy, eager to please dog that is a pleasure to live with. 

6.   Because the breeder has been laying the foundation for learning through socialization, and because your puppy has not been kept in a small cage for a long period, buying your pet from a breeder may make it easier to housebreak your pet. Constant confinement in a cage, such as in a pet store, leads to a loss of the puppies' naturally clean nature. This complicates housebreaking because they are no longer bothered by living with their own waste. By living in a home situation with the breeder, puppies maintain their naturally clean nature, making it easier to housebreak them. 

7.   If you wish to show your pet, your pet's breeder will help you get started in whatever area you wish to pursue, be it conformation, obedience, agility, carting, herding or tracking. A reputable breeder wants to improve his beloved breed by constantly striving to produce animals of high quality. This endeavor carries a high price, not only in time and money but more importantly in emotion. Along with the joy of breeding litters comes much heartache. The satisfaction of bringing joy to the lives of others through the ownership of quality, loving companions is well worth the effort. On the other hand, buying a puppy also carries a price in terms of money and emotions. It is worth spending the time and effort on your part to find a reputable breeder for the purchase of your special companion so you can both enjoy a long, wonderful relationship together.

While the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northern California neither recommends nor endorses any one individual, the Club does offer a listing of member-breeders and their available puppies as a service to the public. You can contact our Breeder Referral Chairperson at .


This article is adapted from a flyer produced by the Great Lakes English Springer Spaniel Breeders Association.

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